A quick update on i²'s progress as this morning I sent off the final design of the control panel to local company HD Signs to have it made on aluminium dibond. It should be done on Thursday so I will post an update then.
Today at midday I officially finished my final year of high school meaning I have reached the end of compulsory education in the UK. I now only need to go into school for my GCSE exams so I will have a lot more time to spend on i². This means I should have it finished soon and hopefully before I start college in September.
This is my first build log entry and as you can see I am already quite a way into it. I have made the registers, the clock and sequencer, decode logic and program counter.

I started the project in 2011 so I don't have many pictures of it before this stage but I hope to be able to provide lots of updates from now on.