This thing is driving me insane. I have been spending all night after work making progress on i² for the last week but it is slow and frustrating. I keep finding small flaws that I overlooked or missed during production of the boards. For example I have spent the last 3 nights in a row fixing an ALU fault that all came down to one wire crossed on another.

Anyway, not to worry, it is getting there and I hope to give a video update very soon.
Found an old video of me testing the clock section of the computer. I show the adjustable speed and then in my idiocy break it. I have changed it since so cannot be broken this way again.
I must extend by great appreciation to the wonderful people at Rich Electronics. In their kindness they have just agreed to donate a substancial amount of the relay I am using in order to finish off the ALU and the RAM interface. Without them this project would have been further delayed by the lack of parts needed to finish it.

Thank you!
I have managed to drill out my panel and mount my switches and ammeter in the panel. I am still waiting for my LED holders but until that time here is a picture of them stuck in upside down.

Received the final version of the control panel today. I am going to try and get it drilled tomorrow so I should have some images of the switches mounted on it soon.

Spent most of today finishing off painting the frame. Also managed to get the metal strips mounted on the back to strengthen it.

Managed to get a quick compiler hammered out tonight which saves me having to convert mnemonics by hand into machine code. It outputs to a text file so you still get to enjoy transferring the program to i² by hand...

There was finally a big enough break in the last week of constant rain for me to get the base coat of paint onto the frame. I just need to add the metal reinforcement bars and then paint the top coat for the frame to be finished.

A quick update on i²'s progress as this morning I sent off the final design of the control panel to local company HD Signs to have it made on aluminium dibond. It should be done on Thursday so I will post an update then.
Today at midday I officially finished my final year of high school meaning I have reached the end of compulsory education in the UK. I now only need to go into school for my GCSE exams so I will have a lot more time to spend on i². This means I should have it finished soon and hopefully before I start college in September.